Autonomous aircraft will change the world, and PteroDynamics will lead with solutions that make us more prosperous, safe, and connected.

We solve crucial customer problems by delivering superior autonomous VTOL aircraft systems.

Our Story

● First flight of 1st Generation Transwing® Aircraft (4-ft wingspan)

● Filed for first patent
● First flight of 2nd Generation Transwing® aircraft (12-ft wingspan)

● Closed first round of financing

● Development of 3rd Generation Transwing® aircraft (6-ft wingspan)

● First patent granted

● First flight of 3rd Generation Transwing® aircraft

● Closed first venture capital financing

● Development of 4th Generation Transwing® aircraft (13-ft wingspan)

● Awarded Navy contract for 4nd-generation Transwing® aircraft

● First flight of 4th Generation Transwing® aircraft

● First delivery on Navy contract

● Closed on 2nd venture capital financing

● Awarded Air Force contract for 4th Generation Transwing® aircraft

● In development of 5th generation Transwing® aircraft (21-ft wingspan)

● Expansion to commercial markets


Transwing® is a unique vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft design that folds its wings uniquely during flight to transition between configurations optimized for vertical and horizontal flight. It is strikingly different from all other VTOL aircraft designs.

The Transwing® platform is protected by four granted and 15 pending patents in 11 jurisdictions around the world.

Why Transwing?

Transwing® aircraft have key advantages over other vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft for certain missions, including a smaller operating ground footprint and greater wind resistance in its takeoff and landing configuration, and can be tailored for mission objectives, such as faster or slower nominal cruise speeds, greater payload weight fraction capability, and/or longer range and endurance.



Market Focus

The Company develops solutions for defense and other government applications as well as for the commercial sector, focusing on delivering time-sensitive, high-value cargo to hard-to-reach places where alternative solutions are very costly targeting missions with the fewest regulatory hurdles.

Team + Leadership

The PteroDynamics Dream Team: A Synergy of Talent, Leadership, and Partnerships

The PteroDynamics team boasts an exceptional roster of professionals who have not only honed their skills in the industry but also have a proven track record of working seamlessly together. This cohesive dynamic is a driving force behind the company's innovative spirit and remarkable progress.


At PteroDynamics, we believe that our success lies in the hands of extraordinary individuals who share our vision for revolutionizing the future of aviation and logistics. We're on a mission to transform the way we deliver valuable ISR services and mission critical cargo around the world with our groundbreaking Transwing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technology, and we're looking for talented, passionate, and driven team members to join us on this incredible journey.

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