Game Changing Autonomous VTOL Systems 
PteroDynamics designs superior autonomous VTOL aircraft that fly faster and go farther to reach remote locations without runways, even in harsh conditions.
PteroDynamics is a pioneer in autonomous vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft and inventor of the Transwing VTOL system that overcomes the inherent shortcomings of current VTOL aircraft by combining the speed, range, endurance, and payload capacity of a fixed-wing airplane with superior VTOL performance in a simple, efficient autonomous UAS platform.

Our Story

Success Through Rapid Design, Build, Test 
First flight of 1st Generation Transwing® Aircraft (4-ft wingspan)

Filed for first patent
First flight of 2nd Generation Transwing® aircraft (12-ft wingspan)

Closed first round of financing

Development of 3rd Generation Transwing® aircraft (6-ft wingspan)

First patent granted

First flight of 3rd Generation Transwing® aircraft

Closed first venture capital financing

Development of 4th Generation Transwing® aircraft (13-ft wingspan)

Awarded Navy contract for 4nd-generation Transwing® aircraft

First flight of 4th Generation Transwing® aircraft

First delivery on Navy contract

Closed on 2nd venture capital financing

Awarded Air Force contract for 4th Generation Transwing® aircraft

In development of 5th generation Transwing® aircraft (21-ft wingspan)

Expansion to commercial markets


PteroDynamics’ unique Transwing® autonomous vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) system overcomes inherent shortcomings of other VTOL designs by combining the speed, range, and endurance of fixed-wing aircraft with superior VTOL performance in a simple, highly efficient autonomous platform.

The Transwing platform is protected by four granted and 15 pending patents in 11 jurisdictions around the world.

Why Transwing?

Simply Revolutionary
The highly efficient Transwing design is unlike any other VTOL system. It performs like a great fixed-wing aircraft with superb VTOL capabilities.

Transwing aircraft unfold their wings to transition smoothly and quickly between vertical and horizontal flight. The astounding elegant simplicity and energy efficiency deliver key performance advantages. 

Superior range and endurance

Faster cruise speeds and climb performance

Outstanding VTOL stability and gust tolerance 

Autonomous operations

Smaller operational ground footprint
Optimized for Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
Dihedrally-Folding Wing System Is the
World’s Most Efficient VTOL Design
Wings Extended
Exceptional fixed-wing capabilities (speed, range, and endurance)

Low-drag, traditional
airplane configuration

Unused propellers can be
feathered and folded

Common propulsion system
for all modes of flight

Smooth and flat trajectory

Dynamic energy management

Controllable through all flight
phases of transition, enabling
climbing, descending, and
turning transitions

Wings Retracted
Small footprint for VTOL

Stored fully assembled

No launch/recovery equipment

Integrated landing gear

Autonomous launch/recovery

Excellent gust tolerance

High thrust/weight ratio



Market Focus

PteroDynamics develops solutions that enable government and commercial operators to unlock greater value by automating time-sensitive delivery of high-value, mission-critical cargo to hard-to-reach places with no runways that otherwise would require manned aircraft or alternative solutions at significant expense.
Automated, timely delivery of critical repair cargo, medicine, supplies, technology upgrades

Defense: Shore to ship, ship to shore, ship to ship

Commercial: Commercial shipping, oil and gas rigs, offshore wind farms
Delivery of critical supplies to remote locations not accessible by road or airstrips

Defense: Army, Marines, Navy resupply and critical repair

Commercial: Mining, oil and gas, research
Regular, autonomous inspection of rail and energy infrastructure and military ISR missions

Defense: Fixed payloads and sensors in contested environments

Commercial: Rail, oil and gas, power grid transmission lines
Long-range surveillance in support of law enforcement and public agencies

Government: Surveillance and reconnaissance over large geographies

Team + Leadership

The PteroDynamics Dream Team: A Synergy of Talent, Leadership, and Partnerships

The PteroDynamics team boasts an exceptional roster of professionals who have not only honed their skills in the industry but also have a proven track record of working seamlessly together. This cohesive dynamic is a driving force behind the company's innovative spirit and remarkable progress.


At PteroDynamics, we believe that our success lies in the hands of extraordinary individuals who share our vision for revolutionizing the future of aviation and logistics. We're on a mission to transform the way we deliver valuable ISR services and mission critical cargo around the world with our groundbreaking Transwing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technology, and we're looking for talented, passionate, and driven team members to join us on this incredible journey.

Video Archive

Watch the Transwing in action. 

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