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Autonomous aircraft will change the world. As an innovation leader in vertical takeoff landing (VTOL) aircraft systems design, PteroDynamics takes pride in collaborating closely with customers and industry partners on its mission to solve crucial problems and build solutions that can make the world more connected, safer, and more prosperous. 


The PteroDynamics Dream Team: A Synergy of Talent, Leadership, and Partnerships

At PteroDynamics, we're more than just a team of engineers and designers—we're passionate innovators with a shared vision for revolutionizing how aviation provides valuable ISR services and delivers mission critical cargo around the world. Our unique approach to design and innovation leveraging the unique capabilities of the Transwing VTOL’s design has allowed us to gain a significant advantage over the long term, setting us apart from other companies in the hard tech space.

We have a collaborative culture that fosters creativity, experimentation, and innovation. We believe that the best ideas come from the diverse experiences of our talented team members who each bring unique ideas and concepts to the table. That's why we actively seek out individuals who are not only skilled in their respective fields but also passionate about our mission and vision for the future of aviation and advanced air mobility.

We seek out and work closely with highly skilled vendors who share our commitment to excellence and quality, providing us with access to the latest tools and technologies that help us stay ahead of the curve. By combining our internal expertise with the knowledge and resources of our partners, we're able to take a holistic approach to design and innovation that yields exceptional results.

Executive Management

PteroDynamics is led by a team of seasoned leaders with extensive experience in launching and scaling technology companies and aerospace and aviation systems design.

Matthew Graczyk 

CEO, Board Director

Matthew is a veteran entrepreneur with a passion for launching and structuring organizations for growth and success. He has six public company exits under his belt, helping generate $1.5 Billion in gains for investors. Matthew is a frequent speaker and panelist in the field of advanced air mobility and on topics such as entrepreneurship, raising capital, and managing and building companies. Matthew received his bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship from Loyola Marymount University.

Rich Brasel

Chief Revenue Officer

A former DoD Major Program Manager and Naval aviator, Rich is an experienced business development professional in the aviation industry. He has over 20 years of experience developing, testing, and fielding unmanned aerial systems (UAS), was a U.S. Navy test pilot, and served as the Commanding Officer of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School. Rich has a BS in Geology from Eastern Illinois University, an MA in National Security and Strategic Studies from the United States Naval War College, and an MS in Technical Management from The Johns Hopkins University.

Tim Whitehand

VP of Engineering

Tim is an aeronautical engineer, project manager, and fixed-wing and rotary aviator with over 15 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and test of innovative aircraft from prototype to certified aircraft systems for commercial and military applications. Tim has contributed to the success of multiple projects, including the PAE-ISR Resolute Eagle tactical UAS, Airbus A3 Vahana UAM demonstrators, and four clean-sheet electric VTOL aircraft at Kitty Hawk (formerly Zee Aero). Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and Commerce from the University of Sydney.

Brian Newton

CFO & VP of Business Operations

Brian is a senior finance and operations executive for early-stage, turnaround, and high-growth companies in high-tech, financial services, and healthcare sectors. Brian is also an adjunct professor at UCLA Anderson School of Management, a visiting lecturer at Trinity Business School in Dublin Ireland where he teaches entrepreneurial finance. He is also a strategic advisor to the UCLA Space Institute. Brian has a BS in Business Administration from Georgetown University and earned an MBA from UCLA Anderson.

Jim Hevener

VP Legal and Corporate Strategy

Jim brings a diverse legal background to PteroDynamics. Jim started his career as a commercial litigator at a large U.S. law firm helping resolve business disputes involving scientific and technical issues in addition to broad employment and business relationship matters. He has since broadened his focus to include more transactional work for business and technology companies, including representing several new technology ventures developed at California Institute of Technology. This role enabled him to handle not only all legal functions but also to provide business consulting services. Jim holds a BA from William & Mary and a JD from University of Washington Law School.

Board of Directors

Val Petrov, Ph.D 

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Matthew Graczyk

CEO, Board Director

Jim Hunt

Managing Partner at Lavrock Ventures, Investor

Quinten Stevens

Managing Partner, CS Venture Opportunities Fund, Investor

Todd Thomson

COO/CFO Kairos Ventures, Investor

Investors with a Vision

PteroDynamics' investors possess a deep understanding of the hardtech space, dual-use markets, and disruptive technologies. They recognize the potential for PteroDynamics to challenge established markets and seize significant market share, providing the company with unwavering support and strategic guidance.

High-Quality Vendors

The company has managed to forge relationships with top-tier vendors who might typically overlook smaller organizations. This collaboration is a testament to the PteroDynamics team's reputation for excellence and the transformative potential of their patented Transwing VTOL technology.

Strategic Partnerships for the Future

PteroDynamics has attracted an array of strategic partners who acknowledge the value of their groundbreaking technology. These partners share the company's conviction that the Transwing VTOL will revolutionize aviation, and they are eager to join PteroDynamics on this exciting journey.
"In a world where sustainability is no longer just a buzzword but a real and pressing concern, the Transwing is poised to become an essential tool for businesses striving to meet the demands of eco-aware customers. By embracing this groundbreaking aircraft, companies can showcase their dedication to a greener future, fostering trust and loyalty among their customer base, and setting themselves apart from the competition."
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